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At BG Photography we aim to provide our clients with a variety of options when it comes to their images.  To do so we offer three types of session to meet your needs.

to book a session with us please call our West Lothian Studio on 01506 654329 and we will arrange everything.


Does your child enjoy dressing up and pretending to be a princess?  Why not treat them to our exclusive Portrait of ap-6PINIMAGEPrincess Session where they can wear their prettiest of dresses, get their hair all fancy and come along to our studio to be photographed as an Beautiful Princess.

We provide crowns, a throne and many other props to create stunning, classic images of your Princess.

Session Fee – £35 and includes a 7 by 5″ Desk Frame.  

Sessions are suitable for children ages 4 and up and are for one child only.

Must provide their own dress.

Hairdresser may be available upon request for an additional cost.

Sessions last 30 – 45 minutes.

Frequently Asked questions

What sort of dress should they wear?

We try to keep our images as classic as possible and so would suggest your child wears a dress that they would wear for a formal occasion or gala day rather than a dress up princess dress.  Dress up dresses tend to be made of highly shiny material that can affect the overall feel of the images.  We will work with whatever dress they want to wear, please do not feel obliged to go and buy a dress just for this session.

Can my Boy a Prince?

Even though we have titled our session Portrait of a Princess, we are very happy to do Portrait of a Prince Sessions for any child who wishes to be one.

Can we bring our own props?

If your child has something that they want to use in their session bring it along, be it a stuffed animal or a cardboard cutout of their Prince!

Do you do Frozen?

Frozen is a great film that everyone loves, but our Princess shoots are aimed at creating images of your child that you will look back on in years to come where you will see your child styled as a Princess, not as a character.  Our sets and crowns are created to be a classical princess style rather than a Disney theme.



n-3-300x240PINIMAGENoir by BG Photography creates timeless and elegant images that have a depth and emotion unlike any other style of portraiture. Special lighting and a black background are used to create stunning pieces of art.

Striking portraits that capture the essence of the subjects, no need to worry about smiling or faking for the camera, an image of you as you are, will have more impact upon your walls. These are more than just portraits, they are your own works of art. We offer you the chance of having a unique family portrait that you will keep on your wall for years to come.

The concept is simple, black clothing allows us to make the face the focal point of the image and combined with gorgeous lighting the final images are produced using special processing to give full impact producing emotional Fine Art Black and White photographs.

We ask that you and your family wear black or dark clothing for our ‘Noir’ portraits, true low key images work best when there are no distractions from the face, therefore keep your clothing choices simple.  Please do not wear patterns or logos. It is also worth noting that ‘ Noir’ images are almost exclusively half length or head shots,  this is because we are looking to the face as the focal point of the images. Sessions usually last 45 minutes.

Portrait Creation Fee – £35 includes a complimentary 7 by 5” Premium Wood Framed Desk Portrait

You can choose to have your images upon one of many different framing options from our ‘NOIR’ Products range.



Our Distinction portrait sessions are a fun experience where we craft images of yourself and loved ones in full colour, using our signature style lighting and processing.

Through natural posing and the relaxed atmosphere of the studio we will create artwork for your home. There are no limits to your outfit choices, wear what makes you happy as this will show in the images.

A range of fun backgrounds are available, from the contemporary white, to a deep black along with wood effects and fun, bright colours.

Express your own style and character in glorious colour that you will love to display on your walls.

Portrait Creation Fee – £35 includes a 7 by 5″ premium wood framed desk print.

Gift Vouchers are also available  

You can choose to have your images upon one of many different framing options from our Distinction Products ranges.


Both our NOIR and Distinction Sessions last about 45 minutes and are not limited to number of participants or number of images taken.

After the session we will choose the best images and edit them to a professional standard.

After your session we will make an appointment for you to view your  images in our studio.  At this preview show you may order as many or as few pictures as you wish.Please make sure that all parties involved in the decision making are in attendance at this viewing. Please allow between 1 to 2 hours for viewing your images.


Personality Portrait

bw-3PINIMAGEFor Kids with Character.
A session for a child who is more than just a smile, where their true character is shown in a set of 8 images.
A fun shoot where they can be who they really are, no posing, no fake smiles, just letting their personality shine through.

Portrait creation fee – £200, includes  a large frame containing eight 3″ by 3″ images, with the option to upgrade to larger images.

Personality Portrait Sessions are for one child only and last 30 – 45 minutes.

You can see the frame and the other options available in our Personality Portrait Products range.



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